3D Printer Software – Overview

How much do the programs cost and where do I get them? 

You can use some programs that are freeware, and you can also purchase some programs. Some freeware programs have
options to pay for an upgraded version with unlocked capabilites.

NetFabb = 150 Euros per licence. No free version                                              http://software.ultimaker.com/index_.php/

Slic3r = Freeware                                                                                                         http://slic3r.org/

CURA = Freeware      (designed for Ultimaker machine only)                         http://software.ultimaker.com/index_.php/

KISSLICER = Freeware with upgrade to pro version for about 40 Euros      http://kisslicer.com/download.html


Which programs do you use ?

I have tried all of the above, and all have certain plus and minus points. However now I use NETFABB just for manipulation of STL files (rotating into correct orientation)
and KISSLICER for making the code.


What settings do you use ?

I have now created a separate page under the “3D Printing Software” tab just for downloading the files…..predictably named “Slicer Configuration Files”




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