Slicer Configuration Files

Here are my configuration files for 3D Printing slicer software


This set is for older Kisslicer version



This set is for the very latest Kisslicer   (latest as of 22-08-2013)



Unzip the correct archive in the same folder as the Kisslicer.exe file is located.

Here is the latest MARLIN firmware that I am using as well. This is configured for dual extrusion
and so on. Be careful updating your firmware with this, if you have other modifications done
it may mess them up. Best is to carefully compare before updating.


I accept NO responsibility for anything that goes wrong if you use this firmware ! Its at your own risk
and if you do not understand MARLIN and firmware in general – do some reading before messing with it.


(given that disclaimer, basically it should be fine…in principle- messing with it is also a good way to learn)

2 thoughts on “Slicer Configuration Files

  1. Thanks for posting!

    According to Jonathan (KS dev) here:

    “So, here is the order of operations. For any given travel, KISSlicer will…

    1. request a wipe/destring if the travel crosses (or comes really close to) the surface of the object

    2. cancel the request for wipe/destring if the jump Trigger (say you want all travels over 10mm to do a wipe/destring, even if it isn’t close to the surface of the object)”

    Your settings are:

    Min Jump = 1

    Trigger = 0.1

    The trigger setting forces a wipe/destring for nearly all (or perhaps all) travels (any travels greater than 0.1 mm), regardless of whether or not the travel crosses a surface. Even if the slicer is capable of scheduling a jump < 0.1 mm, 0.1 mm is really no jump at all, stringing-wise. Thus, your trigger setting renders the Min Jump = 1 setting moot and both the Trigger and Min Jump settings might as well be set to 0.

    I post as an FYI only. Certainly the settings are valid. The result of your settings is simply a wipe and destring for all jumps.

    1. Thanks for the info Jonathan, I will alter the config file
      and repost it shortly…

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