About me

My name is Calum Douglas and I live Great Britain.

After qualifying as an aircraft welder, I spent 5 years working as a welder and fabricator making racing car parts near Cambridge in the UK, before leaving to become a “proper engineer” at university.

This quickly became participating in Formula Student with added extras of exams to do. I graduated twice from Oxford Brookes University first with a BEng and then an MSc by research degree in 2011.

I spent the next five years working as an engine designer for Toyota Motorsport in Germany and another major car manufacturer in England. I have for the time-being left my career as an engine designer on hold, to finish writing a technical, and intelligence history of fighter aircraft piston engine development during the Second World War, the period during which the greatest technical advances in piston engines were made. Your new car with direct fuel injection and a turbocharger, owes its existence to this work.

In my home life I spent a lot of time doing research into 3D printing, and how it can be used to create real functional complex metal castings. At home I own a very modified Ultimaker 3D printer.

I also play the guitar, and you can find a couple of recordings on this website.