About the Authors

S. Can Gülen, PhD.

ASME Fellow, Bechtel Fellow

John Gülen is a Senior Principal Engineer at Bechtel. Dr. Gülen is responsible for new technology assessment, turbo-machinery system design, analysis and optimization.

He is the recent author of Gas Turbines for Electric Power Generation, published by Cambridge University Press.

Prof. Dr-Ing Karl Kollmann

Former Chief Designer of Daimler-Benz AG Aero-Engine Design Department
and Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Professor Kollmann provides his input posthumously through his technical memoirs written in 1947, kind access to which was provided by his son, Dr. Ing. Kollmann, himself a distinguished mechanical engineer.

Calum Douglas B.Eng M.Sc

Mechanical engineer, and aviation historian.

Calum Douglas provides the English translation of Prof. Dr.-Ing Kollmann`s text, on the invitation of his son Dr-Ing Kollmann, and uses his unrivalled knowledge of high performance piston engine and turbomachinery design from the Second World War period to provide historical context to the book.