Current Book: The Secret Horsepower Race


The book is about fighter aircraft piston engines from the Second World War, the men who designed them, and the secret intelligence work by Britain and Germany which decided so much.

The Second World War, was the first global conflict to be decided primarily through air power – although very advanced jet and rocket engines were developed; the militarily significant battles were all fought by piston engined fighters.

The winner of this war would be whoever could design the most powerful piston engines, and the story of this battle, hidden behind the closed doors of intelligence agencies and design offices has never been told.

The book will focus on primary research material, and seeks to avoid the treadmill of recycled stories about British and German fighter aircraft, and replace them with a comprehensive review of original documents from the Military archives in America, Germany and Britain – together with access to original memoirs -never previously seen- written by German fighter engine designers during the Second World War.

The primary credit for the creation of this book must rest with Doktor -Ing. Karl Kollmann, who`s father Professor Doktor -Ing. Kollmann was chief designer of the Stuttgart Unterturkheim design office, where the engine of the Messerschmitt Me109 was formed and developed until 1945. Dr. Kollmann provided his fathers memoirs to me so that a the story of the race for power between nations could for the first time tell the full story of the most important technical aircraft battle of the Second World War.