Fun engines stuff

An early video from University days, doing the Solidworks course. The video was created for the coursework, for which it was a requirement.

However I had spent so much time working on it, that it seemed a shame to just shelve it. So I uploaded it to YouTube.
Where its popularity really surprised me and it has now comfortably exceeded 600,000 views.

(only got me a B+ for the coursework though !)

Here is some more stuff from the video






render Crank2

Intake screenshot

head screenshot

Head Render4

Head Render2

Head Render1

Crank screenshot

Please dont email me about:

The valvetiming being wrong (which it is)
The throughbolts being a silly idea (which, also it is)
The inlet trumpets not merging (which they should)
You not liking Kraftwerk (its painfully good, deal with it)