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Dr-Ing. Karl Kollmann.

Karl is a former chief executive of Daimler-Benz AG at the Stuttgart Unterturkheim site where all the wartime work was carried out on aero-engine design, for the DB600 series engines. His father, Professor Dr-Ing Karl Kollmann joined DB in the 1930`s and eventually worked his way up the ranks to become Chief Designer of the Aero-Engine design department in December 1944.

Password: DRKollman

Dipl-Ing Udo Hafner.

Udo is a retired piston engine fuel injection specialist formerly employed by BOSCH GmbH. He owns the worlds largest private collection of German aero-engine technical manuals, which are pivotal to those worldwide operating and restoring these engines to flying condition. Udo`s knowledge of the DB601, DB603 and DB605 fuel injection systems is unsurpassed.

Password: UDOFINAL

Geoff Goddard.

Geoff is a famous racing engine designer who`s father Lionel Goddard was an RAF engine mechanic for the Merlin engine on the Spitfires of 74 Squadron. Geoff worked as Chief Designer for the firm Cosworth, as the protégé of Keith Duckworth – probably the most famous engine designer in the post-war Grand-Prix motor-racing era. Very few engineers alive have the experience in every aspect of engine design that Geoff has accumulated. We discuss many wartime developments and what has changed since, together with some of his fathers experiences as a mechanic in the Battle of Britain.

Password: G0ddard (2nd character is the number zero)