The Secret Horsepower Race: Image Archive

This is a selected portion of around 1/5th of the images used in the book which were commercially impractical to include in the book in full-size form. To aid readability, especially for those without 20/20 sight, I have uploaded a ‘gently watermarked’ set of charts and drawings to act as a companion to the book.

I ask that these images do not appear in bulk on any other site or action will be taken. If however, you wish to use one or two on forum discussion threads now and again, providing you cite the source – you have my permission to share a “reasonable number” of these images. However, they are here primarily to assist those who have purchased the book.

Where you find blurry text etc in the image, this is because the original image or photograph was also burred, and so what you see here represents the greatest clarity available. A very small number of images were not able to be uploaded as I had to pay usage rights to a few of them, which do not stretch to online use. These images are copyright © Calum Douglas 2020.

The images are in ascending order as they appear in the book, also note that the image files online here are named first by chapter, then page number in the book where they appear, to make it easy to match image-to-page.

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