My Public Work on Second World War Technology

Technical & Historical Presentations on Second World War Piston Aero-Engine Technology

It is my goal to study, understand and publicize the staggering technological development in piston aircraft engines during the Second World War. Whilst jets and rockets have captured much of the popular appeal of the period; none of these later developments actually played any significant strategic part in the course of the war – their numbers were far too small, and their introduction into the campaigns much too late.

I have given detailed technical presentations about engine technology in the Second World War to three major Formula One motor-racing teams, as well as other organisations concerned with the historical aspects. I can be contacted at the email address below if you wish to arrange a presentation.

I can tailor the presentation to be either a detailed treatise on any specific aspect of engine development or offer a very general historical overview of the developments, relating them
to current technology and discussing the methods and personailities involved.


Renault-Sport Formula One: Enstone, UK – October 2018

Bob Bell is the Technical Advisor at Renault-Sport Formula One


Scuderia-Ferarri Formula One: Maranello, Italy – September 2018

This was a 1.5 hour technical presentation to a very large number of the engine design staff
at Ferarri, as well as other areas of F1 car construction and design.


Aircraft Engine Historical Society: Ohio – 2016