Calum E. Douglas began his career as a Civil Aviation Authority certified TIG welder, moving on after five years to begin Batchelor and Master’s degrees in engineering from Oxford Brookes University.  He left the UK to live and work in Germany for Toyota Motorsport GmbH applying Formula One engine technology to advanced technology demonstrator engines for Toyota Japan road cars division.

Returning from Germany he worked for Jaguar Land-Rover and Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains and now runs an engine design consultancy. He began investigating piston engine development in wartime archival records and has spent the last five years researching and writing about it alongside working. Which resulted in the now acclaimed book THE SECRET HORSEPOWER RACE, which has been referred to by multiple reviewers as the new standard work on the topic, wildly exceeding sales targets (now over ten reprints made) and has been translated into two other languages.

He has been invited to speak (twenty-seven times) worldwide to present his engine development historical research to both contemporary engine design engineers and historical organizations, from Scuderia-Ferrari Formula One in Italy, to Toyota in Germany and Renault-Sport Formula-One technical centres in both France and England, several Universities, the Royal Aeronautical Society in London and Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust.

He is most active on social media on Twitter and LinkedIn.