After the first printing, eleven minor typographic and typesetting errors were fixed. The only ones impacting the accuracy are below, none of these are present in the 2nd printing onwards.

  • page 269 “Nevertheless, even when this…disappear”. Is a redundant sentence left over from previous editing.
  • page 279 “Cuno then hands a printed list to Milch” should be in brackets to signify an action, not spoken words.
  • page 390 “Roethe” should be “Rothe”
  • page 420 “ 1940, began to get their…” should be 1941
  • page 479, index listing for “Ceramics” has wrong page numbers, should be 124, 265, 412
  • page 462, reference 50, Ch2, should be “Ibid., {pg 237}

In February 2021, a 3rd printing will commence which, in addition to the errors above, includes fifty additional changes. The ones impacting accuracy are as follows:

  • page 14, “Bavarian forest” should be “… Schorfheide forest”
  • page 20, image un-trimmed to show the graph x-axis to be “Engine rpm”
  • page 25, “90% Iso-Octane” should be “90% Heptane”, so it now reads: “To create the intermediate scale, a mixture of 90% heptane and 10% iso-octane was the reference fuel for 10 octane and so on, all the way to 100.”
  • page 42, Hives-Boxout, university should be “…California Institute of Technology…”
  • page 55, two “C” symbols for centigrade added after 72 and 92
  • page 68, changed to “…boost air temperature of 40…”, not “pressure”
  • page 71 & 74, two “C” symbols for centigrade added after 45 and 120
  • page 97, two “C” symbols for centigrade added after 600 and 800
  • page 106, slight re-clarification of DB 608 propeller direction: “… design-intensive projects such as the DB 607 and DB 608, which were based around the DB 601. This included a fast-acting fully automatic VDM propeller, one version of which had a reversed direction of propeller rotation (discouraging the ingestion of exhaust gas). Despite this potentially useful development, neither the DB 607 nor the DB 608 ever passed the prototype…”
  • page 118, reworded paragraph on Dibromide action on lead deposits, to clarify the mechanism better, as it lowers the temperature of the oxides allowing them to burn off and pass out the exhaust.
  • page 126, 12Y altered to 12Z. “…Planiol which could have turned the 12Z into a potent high-altitude fighter aircraft engine. Only the lower powered 12Y saw series production.”
  • page 129, added missing info to the legend on this chart
  • page 146, Corrected typo in V-1710 impeller diameter, should be “241.3mm”
  • page 152, Lower image caption changed from “P-51A” to “Mustang Ia”
  • page 184, RH Column, line 9, added “C” symbol after 75.
  • page 196, un-trimmed chart which had the x-axis obfuscated
  • page 207, added clarification to say that P-47 was the first single-engine turbocharged fighter to enter service in the European theatre. (the rather unsuccessful P-43 was slightly earlier in global terms but was not involved in the war with Germany).
  • page 213, replaced “…existing Benzene…” with “…existing Bendix…”
  • page 214, aircraft name corrected to: “Lockheed XC-35” not “XP-35”
  • page 227, corrected error in original British Intelligence translation of German paper on fuels, to read “… aromatic fuels like benzene and synthetic petrol…” and “…parrifinic petrols remain…”
  • page 258, altered both image captions, lower is Jumo 211 B-D without high pressure cooling and upper is Jumo 211 F-J with high pressure cooling
  • page 278, chart has been replaced with new version as four Dutch place-names were incorrectly spelled.
  • page 290, changed wording to “…testbed in April 1942. This had not occured…”
  • page 298, LH column, para 3, lines 1&2, changed first sentence discussing BMW 801 E to: “With pressurised magnetos for reliable ignition at high altitudes at 1.65ata manifold”
  • page 353, first line now altered to: “19, Luftwaffe Chief of Staff, Hans Jeschon-“
  • page 380, changed “Junkers Ju 88” to “Junkers Ju 188A”
  • page 385, changed to “May 12, 1944”
  • page 387, improved image caption to read: “Layout and cross-sectional areas through the DB 628 two-stage supercharger system.”
  • page 406, removed a duplicate sentence beginning “In the last few months…”
  • page 408, inserted missing start of sentence “The only hyper-engine with an impressive power to weight ratio was the Continental I-1430, but…” and also corrected direction to image “The diagram (previous page) gives an impressive develop…”
  • page 449, “R-2800 Double Wasp”
  • page 461, added “{pg 23}” after Ch1, Ref #29 and added “… SECTION II}” to the end of Ch1, Ref #49
  • page 469, reference 48, Ch 6, changed to: “48 RRHT, Hives-File, #3010 – “Ministry of Aircraft Production (Later -M. of S.) 1940 to December 1942. (No. 1 file). {see letter “S.B. 38065/DD/RDA”}”
  • page 475, reference 20, Ch 9, should be “Ibid.” and reference 21 should be “NASM, MALL-BP-100060-15 – “Packard Merlin Development History”, April 1, 1945. {pgs 3 & 6}”

Finally several graphs and images have been replaced with slightly higher-resolution versions, and one totally new image has been inserted into page 302 in the 3rd printing, showing the Merlin bearing microstructure.

The 3rd printing has the following corrections requiring future attention:

  • page 447, the image caption under the line drawing of the licence build Merlin engine cylinder cross section, should of course say “Packard” not “Allison”.

Outstanding errors:

The 4th printing has the following errors

  • Page 470, reference #109 – Incorrectly states the microfilm is Volume 27, it is actually Volume 62.