Bike Rides

Oxford to Cambridge

28th September 2013
British Heart Foundation Charity Ride

Distance = 142km

Avg Speed = 25.8 km/h
Gear Ratio = 48/17         (2.82 : 1)



First 30km very easy, some nasty short but steep climbs in the middle, road surfaces in very poor
condition in many places making drafting dangerous. Last 20km went on for ever.

Event was really well organized with a fully signposted route, complete with water stations and mechanics
at several points. Really good fun to ride in, I dont think I would have made one or two of the very steepest climbs
with any taller gearing. I found 48/17 it to be a really good compromise, I think one less tooth on the main chainring would have
been absolutely perfect as I only “spun out” once or twice, but I dont have a 47 tooth ring to try.


Left to right: Adam, Pablo, myself  & John

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